self pep-talk

The new dreaded semester has finally arrived. It’s a brand new year for me and I’m already wanting to get it over and done with. As the new semester begins, I have to give myself a pep talk and a list of things to prepare myself for the new year:

  1. Get rid of all unnecessary toxicity. From people, from your own desires. Flush them all out. Never allow toxicity to control you.
  2. Do not be afraid to not entertain or cut people off if they’re not your cup of tea. What’s the point of wasting time with people who you can’t vibe with?
  3. Always keep your guard up – people tend to be very vicious.
  4. Do not let negativity consume you.
  5. Have enough self-respect for you to start learning how to love yourself.
  6. Shut out all forms of negativity from – people, problems.
  7. Do not be afraid to stand your ground. If you have already set your boundaries, nobody can cross it.
  8. Stay lowkey and do your own thang.
  9. If there is anyone who dares to hurt you, simply cut them off because they were never worth your time in the first place.
  10. Be brutal. Be honest.
  11. Stay out of drama – it’s redundant and a waste of time.
  12. Only say things that are relevant and needed. If not, keep it shut. People like to twist words.
  13. Patience. Patience. Patience.
  14. If girls treat you like competition, it means that they’re already BELOW you. Keep doing your own thang.
  15. Remember, not everyone will like you and that’s okay. If they do not like you, they’re probably just too insecure of themselves and perceive you as a threat.
  16. You don’t have to worry about people liking you or not. Just be yourself, and the right people will come to you.
  17. Walk with confidence. Stop being afraid of everyone. Just exude confidence in everything because then, people will treat you with respect.
  18. Never envy others. People have different talents and abilities. Rezeki comes in different forms for different people.
  19. Stay away from people who could potentially use you for their own benefit and stay away from those who involve you in their bullshit. Do not let anyone waste your time.
  20. Sometimes, it’s okay to be alone. Do not feel depressed or lonely just because people don’t always entertain you.
  21. Remember Allah in your heart, always. He will help you get through anything.
  22. Did I mention, patience? Patience. It will help you get through everything.

With that, go kick some ass for year two xoxo


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