grouplove // let me in

I think my ultimate problem in this Dunya is always looking at the good side of a person – no matter how terrible their past was or what their vices are. To those who are close to me, I’ll always turn a blind eye when they make mistakes and that’s the problem. I give myself all these hopes and faith that they’ll always turn out to be a better person in the future and when they fail to do so, I’d always disappoint myself instead.

Sometimes, you just need a reason to believe that they are in fact, good people. They just decided to walk on the wrong path, probably misled by someone or external factors of this Dunya. And so, they find pleasure in intoxication, physical intimacy, smoking nicotine and drowning in the club as the bass takes over. They seek a form of escapism in the form of all these harmful, temporary yet irresistible pleasure of this Dunya.

You being you, you can’t afford to see them like that. At least, not forever. Let’s just assume that they’re still in their phase of ‘jahiliyah’ – but then again, they are completely conscious of what they’re doing and they know it’s wrong. They just decide to let their desires control them. And so, you just watch them leading themselves to ruins.

I am in no way intending to preach or portray myself to be a religious person in any way but it’s so disheartening to see your friends ruining themselves in this Dunya. You are afraid to advise them because you’re afraid they’ll turn the tables against you. So, you’d rather say a silent prayer for all of them in hopes that Allah’s mercy will guide them all before The Time is up.

Many people say do not fall in love with someone without deen because then, your marriage would probably not be blessed in the best ways. They say that, “It may be you marry him and wish that he be guided through you, but he diverts you to what he is upon and you become grieved.”

But what if – your heart tells you that there is a tiny spark of possibility that you may change this person to be a better person – not by forcing your beliefs but just by being your natural self. What if because of your love for His sake, you want him to be a better Muslim – to leave his past, to get rid of his bad habits, to return his faith in Him.

I saw tiny bits of him wanting to change for the better, whether it seems like a joke or whatever; I still have faith in him. Even if he doesn’t have faith in himself. All that he needs is guidance & support.

The ultimate outcome is just for that person to see that he could be the best version of himself when he is with you. Even if things got rocky and we weren’t meant for each other in this life, at least the goal is accomplished. How contentful would it be to see someone who completely transforms his life – from his vices to his use of language, to his habits, his outlook on life, just by your guidance and pure love?

However, for that – he’d have to open up his heart to me, which is something that is not up to me but up to Him. I shall not burden myself with the future, for I do not know what the future would be like. If he has opened his heart than I shall just leave it to Allah’s hands because only He would know best.


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